Color Therapy for Your Dream Homes

Color Therapy for Your Dream Homes – The force of hues changes one’s state of mind as well as has restorative forces. It is accepted by numerous Feng Shui professionals that if hues are utilized as a part of an appropriate form, they will be able to bring positive vibes into your home.

Color Therapy – How about we investigate some fundamental rules on Colors for you to begin executing in your home which will influence your state of mind and conduct and thus significantly impact your joy,  health, and well-being.

How about we begin with some essential truths on how distinctive hues impact our lives. Hues can be separated into two gatherings – warm hues (red, orange, yellow) and cool hues (blue, green, violet). General elements that portray each gathering are that warm hue are warming by nature and add comfort and warmth to a room, by and large invigorating the brain and feelings.

Cool hues are known to prompt a quiet environment with a feeling of extensive size and openness. Empowering hues, for example, red, orange and yellow acquires warmth to a room, and blues and purples will bring out a feeling of quiet. Presently we should investigate a portion of the significant hues and their impact on the brain, feelings, and body.


In Feng Shui, the color red denotes the fire element. One can use red color as a feature wall of the living room, dining room, kitchen, etc. It is advisable not to use this color as the dominant shade in the bedroom as it is a very powerful color. Add red to a room if you are tired or feeling low because it is a color of passion and high energy. Reds are to be used in balance with calm colors.


Orange is an optimistic color which also denotes the fire element. Use of this color enhances productivity, keenness, and enjoyment. The color keeps you lively and playful, so it is always a good choice to use this color in your living room or the children’s room. According to Feng Shui, orange enhances lively conversations and good times in your home. It’s a mixture of red and yellow, so it imbibes the qualities of both, the energy of red and the cheerfulness of yellow.


Yellow belonging to the fire element is also used to uplift one’s mood. The color yellow & its shades belong to the earth element. In Feng Shui, yellow is the ultimate source of positive energy. One can use this color in any room as it has the power of adaptability, flexibility, clarity, etc. Moreover, it is uplifting, optimistic, and gives one the sense of sunlight indoors.


Blue is the most calming and peaceful color to use in your home. Blue has different shades and most of them are all used to relax the mind, promote deep breathing and slow down the body.
Being a trust-me color, Blue allows one to focus on the task at hand, bringing in peace and serenity and gives us the confidence to communicate. It is a color of sincerity, truth, and loyalty.


Green reflects a natural environment and is a relaxing and balancing color. Being the most neutral color on the color wheel, Green is easy on our eyes and can work in any room to convey a natural, pleasing environment. The color Green is known to heal headaches and reduce anxiety. It helps in concentration and aids in restful times when stressed. You will notice that the color green is extensively used in hospitals as it aides in healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Violet / Purple

Violet/purple is known as a color of transformation. Also known as a cool color which has a calming effect on us. It is proven by research that the color Violet / Purple stimulates the brain’s problem-solving areas, and it encourages creativity, intuition, and artistic ability. So we suggest that one can paint the walls of the meditation room with this color as it creates the perfect atmosphere for some quiet introspection. Want to color your walls in purple, we suggest you go for light tones such as lavender or light violet. You can also use purple or violet shades in your bedroom for a soothing and restful sleep.

Other than the warm and the cool colors there are some other colors which can be used in your home with care. Some of the other color facts are –

Pink, Grey, White & Silver

According to Feng Shui, Pink creates a calm environment, so one can paint the walls of your bedroom in a light shade of pink for better sleep. Pink brings strong positive energy into your environment. Grey, white, and silver colors belong to the metal element. Grey is a color associated with security, reliability, intelligence & solidarity. Sometimes the color is also used to describe a gloomy, sad and conservative mood. We suggest you avoid the use of too much gray on your walls as this could lead to a dip in your mood & energy levels. White is associated with purity. If you want to go employ white as the principal color, you can comfortably do so as white is also known for cleanliness & it also opens up a room and makes it look bigger. Silver is a color that transforms interiors into glamorous, graceful & sleek homes.

When you know about these little yet critical insights about various hues, we are certain you will now proceed and paint your dividers in like manner and bring bliss, positive vitality and fortunes into your house.

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