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Color Therapy for Your Dream Homes

Color Therapy for Your Dream Homes – The force of hues changes one’s state of mind as well as has restorative forces. It is accepted by numerous Feng Shui professionals that if hues are utilized as a part of an appropriate form, they will be able to bring positive vibes into your home.

Color Therapy – How about we investigate some fundamental rules on Colors for you to begin executing in your home which will influence your state of mind and conduct and thus significantly impact your joy,  health, and well-being.

How about we begin with some essential truths on how distinctive hues impact our lives. Hues can be separated into two gatherings – warm hues (red, orange, yellow) and cool hues (blue, green, violet). General elements that portray each gathering are that warm hue are warming by nature and add comfort and warmth to a room, by and large invigorating the brain and feelings.

Cool hues are known to prompt a quiet environment with a feeling of extensive size and openness. Empowering hues, for example, red, orange and yellow acquires warmth to a room, and blues and purples will bring out a feeling of quiet. Presently we should investigate a portion of the significant hues and their impact on the brain, feelings, and body.


In Feng Shui, the color red denotes the fire element. One can use red color as a feature wall of the living room, dining room, kitchen, etc. It is advisable not to use this color as the dominant shade in the bedroom as it is a very powerful color. Add red to a room if you are tired or feeling low because it is a color of passion and high energy. Reds are to be used in balance with calm colors.


Orange is an optimistic color which also denotes the fire element. Use of this color enhances productivity, keenness, and enjoyment. The color keeps you lively and playful, so it is always a good choice to use this color in your living room or the children’s room. According to Feng Shui, orange enhances lively conversations and good times in your home. It’s a mixture of red and yellow, so it imbibes the qualities of both, the energy of red and the cheerfulness of yellow.


Yellow belonging to the fire element is also used to uplift one’s mood. The color yellow & its shades belong to the earth element. In Feng Shui, yellow is the ultimate source of positive energy. One can use this color in any room as it has the power of adaptability, flexibility, clarity, etc. Moreover, it is uplifting, optimistic, and gives one the sense of sunlight indoors.


Blue is the most calming and peaceful color to use in your home. Blue has different shades and most of them are all used to relax the mind, promote deep breathing and slow down the body.
Being a trust-me color, Blue allows one to focus on the task at hand, bringing in peace and serenity and gives us the confidence to communicate. It is a color of sincerity, truth, and loyalty.


Green reflects a natural environment and is a relaxing and balancing color. Being the most neutral color on the color wheel, Green is easy on our eyes and can work in any room to convey a natural, pleasing environment. The color Green is known to heal headaches and reduce anxiety. It helps in concentration and aids in restful times when stressed. You will notice that the color green is extensively used in hospitals as it aides in healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Violet / Purple

Violet/purple is known as a color of transformation. Also known as a cool color which has a calming effect on us. It is proven by research that the color Violet / Purple stimulates the brain’s problem-solving areas, and it encourages creativity, intuition, and artistic ability. So we suggest that one can paint the walls of the meditation room with this color as it creates the perfect atmosphere for some quiet introspection. Want to color your walls in purple, we suggest you go for light tones such as lavender or light violet. You can also use purple or violet shades in your bedroom for a soothing and restful sleep.

Other than the warm and the cool colors there are some other colors which can be used in your home with care. Some of the other color facts are –

Pink, Grey, White & Silver

According to Feng Shui, Pink creates a calm environment, so one can paint the walls of your bedroom in a light shade of pink for better sleep. Pink brings strong positive energy into your environment. Grey, white, and silver colors belong to the metal element. Grey is a color associated with security, reliability, intelligence & solidarity. Sometimes the color is also used to describe a gloomy, sad and conservative mood. We suggest you avoid the use of too much gray on your walls as this could lead to a dip in your mood & energy levels. White is associated with purity. If you want to go employ white as the principal color, you can comfortably do so as white is also known for cleanliness & it also opens up a room and makes it look bigger. Silver is a color that transforms interiors into glamorous, graceful & sleek homes.

When you know about these little yet critical insights about various hues, we are certain you will now proceed and paint your dividers in like manner and bring bliss, positive vitality and fortunes into your house.

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The Art of Feng Shui Bedroom Furnishing

The Art of Feng Shui Bedroom Furnishing – Feng Shui is a lifestyle by which you can compose your living and working regions to realize flourishing to your riches and business, fruitful work and profession or accomplishing durable relationship.

Feng Shui Bedroom – At whatever point there is great feng shui room furnishing, favorable and adjusted chi will dependably be available to bring equalization into the physical groups of people along these lines advancing great health and a general nonattendance of sicknesses and illness.

To embellish your feng shui room furnishing using feng shui standards, it is imperative to change just a single or two ranges at any given moment as upgrading all regions without a moment’s delay will bring about chi perplexity.

Recorded beneath are different feng shui room furnishing you can use to draw in and enhance particular aspects of your life.

1. Romance or Love

  • For the individuals who are single

On the off chance that your primary concentration is on connections, love or marriage, make certain to lay down with your make a beeline for your ‘Nien Yen’ or romance course. This is the best bearing to rest keeping in mind the end goal to upgrade the adoration division in your life.

It is likewise conceivable to really actuate the marriage corner, along these lines endlessly enhancing your marriage prospect. One of the feng shui room furnishings is finished by hanging the red Chinese marriage magical bunch in the South-West corner or hanging a photo portraying twofold satisfaction Chinese characters.

You can likewise empower your peach bloom fortunes by showing a couple of mandarin ducks. A couple of mandarin ducks is a piece of feng shui room furnishing that symbolize satisfaction and satisfaction for significant others. You should never show a performance mandarin duck unless you wish to stay as a solitary until the end of time.

  • For the individuals who are hitched

On the off chance that your adoration life requires a fast lift, you can utilize the situation of feng shui room furnishing to create the sentimental outcomes you want. For instance, you can hang the painting of peonies which symbolize an upbeat love life and marriage luckiness.

Another feng shui room furnishing you can embrace is the twofold joy image. It has dependably been loved as a standout amongst the most intense image of marital amicability. You can wrap your divider with a photo of the twofold joy image or wear a twofold joy tuft near to your side to create fantastic chi of your conjugal delight.

The twofold carp is additionally an amazing feng shui room furnishing energizer for marriage good fortune. These favorable carp symbolize plentiful favorable luck and conjugal delight. Show a couple of propitious carp in the front room to appreciate upbeat unions and family agreement.

2. Prosperity

In the event that cutting out a fruitful vocation is your primary concentration, you can use one of the feng shui room furnishings by putting a phoenix doll in your home or office.

The phoenix is one of the four heavenly animals of feng shui and is the lord of all the winged animals. This lofty winged animal is synchronous with favorable luck and related with circumstance vocation good fortune.

Feng shui room furnishing, for example, plum blooms pictures or trimmings are additionally useful for vocation and achievement.

On the off chance that you are hoping to pick up success fortunes and riches, convey three or eight antique Chinese gold coins which are frequently tied with a red line. You can likewise show the antique Chinese gold coins as feng shui room furnishing at home or in the workplace, confronting your ‘Sheng Chi’ course.

Another feng shui room furnishing is to put a puppet of a frog by your fundamental passage watchfully alongside a green plant. This implies landing of riches.

In feng shui, the deer is an exceptionally prevalent image related with speed, endurance, and a long life. The Chinese word for deer is “lu” which sound like a Chinese word that implies ceaseless wage and success.

Along these lines, t is to a great degree promising to utilize a doll or painting of a deer as feng shui room furnishing in your office and home. The deer symbolize your desire for your family to appreciate a long existence of simplicity and developing success.

3. Health

  • ‘Wu Lou’ for Health

The ‘wu lou’ or the jug gourd is a to a great degree intense image of life span. The container gourd connotes favorable luck and a wealth of gifts and it is regularly cited to contain the solution of eternality in the Chinese old stories.

The state of the jug gourd is likewise a portrayal of paradise and earth; the top half speak to paradise and the base half imply earth. It is monstrously advantageous for the individuals who are sick to utilize bottle gourd as feng shui room furnishing and place it by the bedside.

Another feng shui room furnishing is by using the tortoise. It is the just a single of the four divine animals that really exists today. The tortoise is not only an image of longevity, it is likewise an image of insurance and support.

In feng shui,t he tortoise implies the defensive slopes of the north. You can show tortoise decorations as feng shui room furnishing in the north part of your home to draw healthy and wealth of success good fortune.

Presently you that you know a portion of the approaches to pull in and enhance particular aspects of your life, prepare to put some of these feng shui room furnishing tips into practice. So this is why Feng shui bedroom are important.

Wind Chimes of Feng Shui

When we set out to locate the comfortable articles from the home brightening stores, the first in everybody’s rundown will be to purchase a decent wind chime. Why do individuals lean toward wind chimes over every single other thing? What sorts of wind rings are favored for the most part for basic use? Wind chimes are a designing elaborate show utilized as a part of the windows or entryway.

Many hang these wind chimes out entryways in the garden or yard. The general reason for hanging these chimes is to acquire an agreeable melodic note each time the breeze or a delicate wind blows. The wind rings are made of different materials like mud, metal, silver, aluminum, glass, wood, bamboo and so on the shabby wind chimes, however, is the dirt and metal wind rings. The nature of sound created in the wind chimes contrast as indicated by the material used to make the wind ring. Glass wind rings sound unique in relation to bamboo and wooden wind chimes. However, whatever the make and the kind of sound created it relies on upon the client’s inclinations. By and large garden wind chimes ought to sound more than the indoor wind rings. Melodic wind rings are best for the yard or galleries where one, for the most part, sits to unwind.

Beautiful wind rings can wear the regular sitting range or the lounge area. Smaller than expected wind rings can be hung in each window or entryway. Extensive wind rings can be hung as embellishing light fixtures and by a long shot, the best wind chimes are the winding wind ring. Artistic wind chimes, dropped glass wind ring, sun based wind rings, shell wind rings are all one of a kind assortments of wind chimes accessible in the market today.

Japanese wind chimes and Chinese wind rings are altogether utilized as a custom. It is considered as good fortunes signs and in some cases it is said to keep off awful spirits. Whatever the reason wind rings are a genuine wonder which can acquire an excellent melodic component into our lives. It is unquestionably an awesome euphoria to listen to the delicate melodic sounds exuding from the chimes each time the wind blows. Wind chimes are the best wonderful things that can make the room more shading and melodic.

A great many people don’t like to hang it in the room as it may irritate their rest. Yet, many do love to hang them all around just to appreciate the valid music actually created with the assistance of the wind. Shoddy wind rings are accessible at street side slows down and any individual who the best wind chimes need can have them uniquely crafted according to their desires. A few people incline toward substantial wind rings and numerous others want to have a smaller than expected wind chime with a light stable. Some like to purchase extensive wind chimes to get an incredible melodic impact. Purchase wind chimes from the best stores and gets the stunning excellent melodic impact. Indoor wind rings should be somewhat less melodic and ought to deliver less solid than the outside wind chimes.

How Feng Shui Can Make a Difference

Without a doubt some of the time we don’t see the capability of our homes, just in light of the fact that we relate to each part of it. Get a home arranging specialists, and you will discover your property changed into something fantastic, which is precisely what you require when you are putting your home available.

When you are dealing with a competitive market – a home that is staged is easier to sell. It brings more attention to the house and reduces the time frame in which you are able to close a deal. You may be unsure of the benefits, but the bottom-line is that you may be losing out on a chance to push your home at a better rate if you choose to opt out of staging.

Home Feng Shue is an aspect that several new homeowners are looking into. If you already have the basics of the concept present in your home, all your staging expert has to do is highlight them. If however, you are doing this for the first time, then there are few things you should keep in mind, especially if you are to supervise the work of your expert the right way.

The concept of feng shui in home staging Long Beach is to promote the well-being of a home, but working on its chi or energy. There are several ways in which this is done. These are some feng shui tips you can implement while having your home staged.

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Every property that goes on sale will have a “For Sale” placed before it. Make sure that this is placed to the right side of your house, because this is the first place that people will look at when they arrive. The following is to ensure that you dispose of all the dead greenery around you and your property. Anything that is hindering the view or the course to your home ought to be evacuated. This gives imminent purchasers a reasonable view and gives vitality an unhindered opportunity to move.

When you know you have prospective buyers coming along, get two dark blue planters and place in them robust, healthy green plants. It creates a positive vibe when you are greeting them. Clean your front door, give it a fresh quote of paint and refresh its look. The white is a clean color and promotes good energy.

These are just some of the ways in which you can enhance the feng shui elements of your home and prep it up for a good sale.

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