Bathroom Storage Cabinets Buying Guide

Bathroom storage cabinets are a handy fixture for bathrooms. They are a good way to store and organize all your bathroom amenities as well as medicines. Moreover, they also offer as a support for your sink.

Bathroom storage cabinets are available in a number of different types and styles. Vanity cabinets are the ones that are used most commonly. They normally come up with two or even three drawers along with a cupboard and are installed under the sink. You can use almost any type of countertop material ranging from stone to laminates.

If you are constructing a new bathroom or renovating your old one, you need to pay some attention to the cabinets as their orientation has a lot to do with the final look of the bathroom. You need to make an intelligent and organized decision in order to do it right. Common types of bathroom storage cabinets are discussed below.

Face frame Bathroom Cabinets

Face frame cabinets come with a wooden frame and are rigid in shape. Draw fronts or doors normally overlay the cabinet’s frame. If you are looking for a budget friendly option, face frame cabinets are your best choice.

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Frameless Bathroom Cabinets

Frameless bathroom cabinets are European styled cabinets and have a box-like construction. They are normally mounted on a toe kick or a separate plinth.

Freestanding Bathroom Cabinets

Free standing bathroom cabinets look more like a furniture piece. They come with legs which make them look less bulky. If you are looking for a budget friendly advice, you may also use a vanity constructed for another room as a free standing bathroom cabinet.

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