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minimalize home

Has it occurred to have a garden in a narrow land area? At first, you may be wondering:
Is it possible to have a garden at home with limited space? Why not?
Well, it would be better if in a minimalist house there is a small garden.

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It should be noted that the presence of the park in every home is a very important thing.
Although limited, the garden can make a home:

  • Look more beautiful.
  • Noticeably cooler.
  • Feels more comfortable.

Then where a garden could be placed in the house minimalist type 21?

minimalize home

Do not be confused!
You can put it on the front of the house. If a minimalist home design already made is not gardening? Well, it’s easy! You can plant in a lot of small pots and store in various corners of the house.

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Especially if you have a house that floored 2. You can save favorite plants at the top of the house. Interesting right?

Although small, you should be able to keep him comfortable.

minimalize home

How? Are you inspired to make a minimalist home type 21? Design minimalist house as to what would be made? Hopefully, some of these designs can provide inspiration for you, yes!

Selection of appropriate design right would make the house minimalist type 21 yours will look beautiful. What are you waiting for? Try it now before someone steals the idea of home as you want!

Good luck!

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