37 Figure Minimalist Design Type 21

What’s on your mind when hearing minimalist type 21? Certainly, no one answered the narrow, small, low-cost. If you think so, that’s the way it is. As we know that type 21 is a type of the narrowest house in terms of shape and size. Nevertheless, this type of house still excellent and much coveted by the public. Minimalist house type 21 was deliberately created by the developer to meet the needs of the lower middle class.

minimalize home

It is quite advantageous. Just taking the funds that are not too big, you can already have a place to stay. No need to worry about their small size, many developers create minimalist house type 21 with modern models and also gorgeous.

Are you interested in having this type of house? Not to be confused arrange the layout, in this article, we will discuss the design drawings minimalist house type 21.

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Surely it would be:

  • Helps you to realize the dream of home design suite.
  • Having a minimalist house with a unique concept.

Before making his house, you must know in advance the size of this type of house.

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Typically, minimalist house type 21 only has a size of about 3 x 7 meters. Its size is similar to the model apartment studio. The limited land has become one of the obstacles for anyone who wants to load it. May you also feel confused? No need to worry, just read this article until the course is completed.

Come on, we discussed!


minimalize home

As discussed at the outset that the house minimalist type 21 does have limited land. Therefore, this type of house usually consists of a bedroom. A number of rooms are very suitable for you who still own or newlyweds. However, what if later the number of family members increases? Of course, this will be a problem.

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Just imagine if you are married and have children. Or there are relatives who come and intend to stay. It must be very confusing because you do not have any other rooms besides the rooms were used alone. Inevitably, the family came to be willing to sleep with the position of the narrow and uncomfortable in your bedroom. Does not rule out also that anyone who comes to stay had to sleep in the living room. The most appropriate solution is, Renovating home to make it 2 floors.

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If from the beginning you do make your own home, you should make the first foundation which at times can be made to be a 2-storey house. With the addition of a room, you’ll have a home that can meet the needs of each family member.

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